Live Blogging Response

Live Blogging might change the way I view sports games during when they are actually happening. Sometimes I will be doing something else and when I check twitter or ESPN, I will see what has happened prior to when I first looked at these sites to see the score. I think it is rather convenient because I am able to get live updates to see what teams are winning and how much time is left in any game. Also sports writers write or comment their opinions on how a particular player is doing in the game, injury updates, and how the overall team is doing. Sometimes you might read something funny from a live update such as a person deciding to streak across the field or court or how during a TV-timeout a fan did something crazy at venue and was caught on camera.

There are many positives to live blogging. One of these positives is the fact that you are able to get constant live updates of many things of the game like I stated above in the last paragraph. Because you are able to read live updates on your favorite teams, there is no need for a newspaper anymore. Around 15 to 20 years ago, you would have to read the newspaper to see how your favorite team performed during that game if you did not watch it. The only way to know if you didn’t watch it live on your TV (Even then there not all sports games were on TV) you would have to watch the news at night to get the recap of the game. Or sometimes if you were lucky, you could call or ask a friend who won the game. Today it is unimaginable to have to wait and see who won what game because you can pull out your phone, computer, tablet, etc, to see the constant updates.

Some of the negatives of live blogging is the misinformation that is presented to the reader on the live blog. This is a huge problem for readers because they look to see the constant updates of a particular sporting event or even any other award show event. Sometimes, if misinformation is given about a score or who was injured during the game, then you do not know what is really happening. I know for a fact if this happens with ESPN on twitter, they will usually delete the tweet that contains the misinformation and will apologize for their mistake to all the readers. This might ruin their credibility if it is excessive because people want to read he truth and not be misinformed about mistakes. This might cause a person to look at another source along with ESPN to confirm if they are actually right in their next live update. I believe that live blogging is a wonderful thing, and I do not know what would I do without it.


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