Live Blogging and People’s Perceptions

Live blogs could negatively impact or positively impact something that we are passionate about. The positive impacts consist of being able to keep up consistently with the event or source that we are passionate about at an instantaneous rate. Unfortunately, live blogging can be opinionated and due to its high frequency, it is unreliable and prone to factual lacks. This can change your perception of the thing that you are passionate about by giving you biased updates and possible misinformation. Another way that the existence of live blogging can hurt your perception of something your passionate about is by flooding you with unnecessary information that you do not care for on the matter. For example, if you are passionate about a music band for their music and you subscribe to a live blogging source thats about the topic, you might be informed about unimportant details about them constantly that will hurt your view of their music, which is what you were initially passionate about and what is being diminished by the irrelevant information on them. Live blogging comes with virtues and vices. Without live blogging, we would not be able to keep up with events such at the Oscars or Grammy’s the way we are today. If something extravagant happens in one of those events, then the world is informed about it and the information spreads like wildfire. This widens peoples perception on an event that they are interested in by keeping them at the forefront via instantaneous knowledge. But the widen perception maybe one through misinformation as it is not given that the information will be factually sound. Also, the information on an event that one is passionate about and that is being blogged live could also be opinionated and therefore could influence one’s perception on the matter by introducing them with a view that they were otherwise unfamiliar with, and now with the power of live blogs, is popularized within the masses. In other words, live blogging could influence the masses, and with effects similar to peer pressure, your views on the matter that you are passionate about could change.


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