Live Blogging

For me, live blogging can definitely change my opinion on TV shows. For example, I love Game of Thrones and in last night’s episode something big occurred. Luckily, I was able to watch the show and see the event unfold as it occurred, but if I had been unable to watch it, there is chance it could of been spoiled for me on Twitter. I look at the #GoT hashtag sometimes, and people definitely used it last night to talk about this big event. If I had missed the show, I would of purposely not looked at that hashtag to make sure I did not spoil anything for myself. I looked at today and even one GOT fan tweeted about not looking at Twitter on Sunday nights if you do not want to read spoilers lol. I think the live blogging is good, in this specific example for after the show, because you can talk with people about the episode and view other peoples’ reactions to huge events. So on a positive note, live blogging can make you perhaps more passionate about something, like a TV show like GOT, because you can connect with others who are also passionate about it through live blogging, and you can learn more about it through live blogging. On the negative side, in this example, you can easily spoil things for yourself, especially in GOT. A lot of people read the books so there are already spoilers out there, but if you miss an episode, there is even more because everyone talks about it, especially on Twitter.

Overall some positives and negatives for live blogging in general for me would be the following.


– They can keep you updated in a quick and simple fashion.

– Live blog forums like Twitter, can keep you up to date on the most trending topics. You can be aware of the most current news or events.

– Live blogs that incorporate Twitter comments instead of regular comments at the bottom of an article can be more interactive. A lot of people use Twitter nowadays, so incorporating that into blogs can make it more fun and interactive for people. I know I find live blogs more fun when I can Tweet something about it or through it.

– Live blogs have the potential to be more objective. This can be nice because then you can receive a more accurate straight account of an event, rather than a opinionated one.



– They can give people an obsession, whether it’s with live blogging or whatever they are passionate about that is showcased on a live blog.

– They can distract people from their work. People can really play with that work and leisure line when it comes to watching live blogs in a work environment.

– Live blog info may not be as detailed and thorough. Therefore, they can potentially misinform a reader.

– They can be a spoiler for readers, if you are reading a live blog that is about movies, tv or books.



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