Live Blogging

The existence of live blogging may change my perception of something I am passionate about because it would be constantly updating me with most recent coverage or news on that topic. It can also change my perception because a lot of times when I read personal live blogs, that person gives their own opinion and thoughts on that topic, which may cause my opinion to be influenced.

For example, I really enjoy watching the reality TV show, Dance Moms. Even more embarrassing , I sometimes I find myself looking online for spoilers and find blogs or Youtube accounts that can give the most recent updates of what is going on in the Dance Moms lives. This is possible because episodes being shown on TV are from weeks prior. People that post spoilers that they find out usually are able to get the information before episodes are aired.  A live blog would impact me because I would feel constantly updated and know ahead of time what was going to happen during the season. Some negatives of live blogging would be that the information or resources that I am getting this information from might not always be correct. Also, when I know what is already going to happen, it takes away from the excitement from the episode because I know the majority of the episode already. 

Recently a lot of people have negative things to say about Dance Moms and the whole cast on the show. I am definitely influenced by the negativity of live bloggers and I am starting to feel similarly because of how much the show has changed from when it first started.  Also similar to music awards, if someone was live blogging about the performances and giving negative feedback, people might also agree with them instead of forming their own opinion.

I personally think that if someone is passionate about a subject or interest, live blogging can become somewhat addictive. News channels are using social media and blogs to try and give viewers as much information as possible and extremely quickly. They know that people always want the most recent coverage, but I think they should be more concerned about having accurate information instead of starting elaborate rumors to get viewers attention.


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