Live Blogging

Live blogging is fast and simple, it gets the information to you while the event is unfolding. Live Blogging can have a huge impact on a persons attention. Award shows, tv shows, basketball games, football games, all of these are always a hot topic. You see it on tweeter, when they start to trend and everyone is live tweeting, this is similiar to live blogging. When this happens people can connect and share their opinions with others. Live blogging gives readers a real time source of information that they would not normally get until after the event.

Live blogging can change my perception because it is more “real”. More “real” in the sense that writers or editors cannot take the time to edit or manipulate the information. For example if a celebrity I follow who i deem as a role model and responsible goes out on a night of drinking and then drives and hits a car and it was live blogged I would be able to immediately read what is going on without. Whereas if the event happened 3 hours ago all that time in between can be utilized by the celebrities public relations team to make up another story to make him seem not so much as the criminal.

On the other hand live blogging is also very dangerous. Live information is so fast that it might be wrong, people can send information based on opinion and misinterpret it as facts. This can potentially lead to lost of credibility and readers. This can also give your blog a bad reputation, which is the ultimate downfall in social media; no one wants to be seen as the enemy.

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