Live Blog Perception

I think live blogging definitely has the ability to change the perception of something that you’re passionate about.  Depending on how quickly a blogger will update it could be a lot of short, bare information that they want you to take in.  They want to high light the important bits and pieces so you’ll miss out on all the finer details.  If a person has a passion for something they normally want to take in as much information as they can so reading a live blog might not be the best.  But that’s the world today, as soon as something happens we want to hear about it.  I know for award shows I don’t necessarily follow along on a live blog post but on twitter that is what my feed is dominated by.  It makes me feel like I have to watch, to know what all my friends are talking about. “Imagine Dragons and Kendrick just killed that performance.”  Of course things like this are going to interest me and make me want to see what everyone is talking about.  I think big time sporting events and award shows have benefitted the most from twitter.  Just these past Academy Awards Ellen broke the records for most retweets.  People are watching but not only are they watching they want to join the conversation with other people.  I guess this can be a positive thing or a negative thing, depending on how you look at it.  It’s bad enough that we spend hours in front of the tv, but now were watching the tv and paying attention to our cell phones?  Seems like overkill. I think in a way live blogging is almost addicting for readers.  Always wanting the new information, always wanting to stay in the loop, and don’t have any time to waste.  Like I said with me, it basically forced me to watch these award shows.

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