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Brick Town New Jersey is a small town in Ocean County, and as of 2010 it has a population of 75,000+ people.  Directly next to Point Pleasant and Toms River, right near the Atlantic Ocean.  A 10 minute bike ride from the ocean and the boardwalk.  With a range of ages and different types of ethnicities, Brick Town is one of the more diverse towns in the state.  The town is split up because of the high schools.  “Old Brick” is South Brick and “Memorial” is North Brick or “new brick”.  Old Brick has a reputation of being…old.  Things look like they need to be updated around there from the high school itself to the roadways and buildings in there area.

The hyperblog of Brick that we created is the Brick Town Local.  At the top of our blog we would have tabs for the following:

  • Food
  • Night Life
  • Recreation
  • Local News
  • Sports Teams
  • Events
  • Religious Organizations

The food tab would focus on local restaurants and places in the town. There are plenty of pizza places in Brick. I know on Herbertsville road there are at least 4 pizza places just on that road alone.  There are also plenty of Italian places to eat in Brick town.  We would talk about the local deals and places, perhaps high light a different place each week.

The night life tab would be filled with places that you could go in the surrounding areas.  Although Brick is not the main point of the shore there is obviously many places right near in Asbury and Seaside and Point Pleasant where people go all the time when they go out.  The infamous “Jersey Shore” show on MTV highlighted a couple of these places and have since become huge tourists attractions.

The recreation tab would be filled with the local parks and pictures and events.  There are plenty of park in Brick where you can play all kinds of sports.  Tennis, Soccer fields, Basketball, you name it and there is a field for it.  There are also a few skate parks in the area where kids go all the time.

The local news tab would update things that re going around in the town, some road work sites so you can avoid, how the high schools or sports teams are doing, just a lot of general information and current events in the town.

Sports Teams would talk about the High School sports clubs as much as the local clubs.  Our pop warner football, little league baseball and wrestling programs are very imbedded into the town.  I know kids that have started wrestling at local clubs when they were little kids and then these clubs will travel and face other clubs.  There are many soccer clubs as well so we would be able to highlight any success that these clubs have.

Events would be the local events that are going on in the Brick at the time. For example in the summer time every Tuesday there was “Summer Fest” at Windward beach.  There we would talk about the acts or what time the fireworks are going to go off and the schedule of events, get people out there.

There are plenty of churches in the town so we would be able to update the local church events and the CCD programs that are available.

There is a lot going on in Brick Town and because of the Brick Town Local hyperblog you will be able to know everything that is going on from Sport to Pizza!



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