Hyperlocal Blog Project

Group: Kim, John, Angie and Nicole

Where is the community: small community in Kansas

Who lives there: blue collared, suburban people

How many people live there: 1,200 people

Name of town: Little Falls, Kansas

What is the community like: It is filled with blue collar factory workers. They are also a very religious group of people.

Hyperlocal Blog Details:

– Tabs would include: Local Businesses, Emergencies, Religion, News, Local Activities, Job Openings, Classifieds, School Announcements/Education, Kids, Live Chat with the Mayor, Food, Ask Questions Tab

– Calendar – We would include a calendar so people can see when events are an also see new visibly as it comes in, we would post that in the calendar as well.

– Tag cloud – We would include this so people in the community can see what is popular and trending.

– We would have ads to promote local businesses

– We would post as current information comes in, so that can range from daily to weekly.




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