Community Blog Shadman, Jay, Mike

Town: Nudist Colony, “A Naked Person is a Happy Person”

Who lives there?: 

-Mostly men…probably 60:40 Male to Female ratio

-Mostly 50+

-Race: diverse batch of folks

How many people live there?:


What is the community like?:

Friendly, their naked, nonjudgmental, open



Town name and Header: SUNNYVALLE

On the front page:

-Mostly headlines with as events. Sporting events, holidays, etc.

-Sidebar with applications, links and such, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

-Current news and occurrences in the community


-Sun tan lotion






-Basically everything except clothes

-Air conditioning

Section for Nudist Friendly stores and restaurants: Categorized as “Friendlys”

Section for Sporting Events:

-NO contact sports



-Ping Pong

Section for how to register

Qualities look for:

-Must be unprejudiced, can’t make fun of others, can’t discriminate

-No touching, or squeezing

-No sexual harassment

-No verbal abuse

-Report to the Naked police if offended

-Age limit: 18+



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