Thoughts on Blogging Networks

As a personal decision, I think I would not mind being part of a blogging network. The positives that are associated with being part of a blogging network seem to really appealing, especially since I am such a new blogger in the blogosphere. I think that by being part of a blogging network, not only will I be able to get myself out there, but I would also be able to learn from the other blogs found on the same blogging network as me.

Since getting hits and being followed is the goal for any blog, being associated with such a blogging network platform makes it easier to get my name across. The only thing is, I would rather be part of a blogging network that would link to my own blog and even highlight some of my other personal posts. That way, if a person comes to read a blog on the blogging network, mine can be read too. I understand that there are other blogs that should also be highlighted, and that is totally fine. I would not mind have a rotational highlighting of different blogs. That way everyone gets chance. Having a blogging network that only highlights the same blogs over and over is not one that I would want to be a part of.

While the examples of blog networks we looked at seemed pretty comprehensive, I did not find that either of them would be able to support my own blog. I really like talking about books and movies, things in the entertainment. Or at least, those are some of the things that I really like talking about. Therefore, a type of blog network that I could see myself contributing to would be one that deals with literature and movies. Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, I would like the blog network that I am part of highlight my posts every now and then. By being highlighted by the blog network, I can get some validation to what I’m writing. That is because the sure fire way to get validation on anything is to know that people are reading and listening to what you are saying.

The way this type of blog network would be helpful is that other people can find a sense of community that they may not have in real life. The people that blog will be able to help others make their blogs better because these people will read other blogs. If they see something that they like in a blog and see that it was highlighted for the week, then that would make another blogger try to emulate it in some way to ensure that theirs will also be highlighted eventually. Not only that, but since there is usually some type of contact information associated with the bloggers on the blog network, bloggers can get in touch with each other and even promote each other on their own private blog posts that are not on the blog network.

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