Collaborative Blogging


Have ever wondered how you could possibly write a post on a particular subject and somehow it could be added to someone’s blog? In the article: “Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide” by Kerin Foster, the author gives beginner bloggers who are interested in having their thoughts expressed besides making it into a comment on a blog post, there are blogs that encourage people across the internet to make a guest post. The topics could range from sports to fashion jewelry to anything that you want to talk about. The author presents her tips to the bloggers that are interested in easy steps. The steps are easy and they consist of researching your topic, finding a blog that is looking for users to submit a guest post, and submitting the post to the editors. The final step is to see whether your post is accepted or not, so patience is a virtue in this sense.

For example, during this past semester, our class was assigned to write posts onto the Rutgers University Admissions Blog, which is an example of a guest post on the blog. I researched my topic on how to get into the Business School from the School of Arts and Sciences from myself and friends’ experiences. I was able to ask Lee Ann Dmochowski, who is in charge of managing the Rutgers University Admissions Blog for the credentials for posting on the site’s blog. I had to wait for awhile before she had sent me credentials for allowing me to post on the blog, but when I received them, I was able to make a guest blog post on the site. It is really cool to make a guest blog post because students around the world who are interested in attending Rutgers University will be able to see my guest blog post or another post from a student.

In the article, “7 Essential Ingredients For a Successful Collaborative Blog”  by Marty McPadden and Misty Belardo, the authors write about how collaborative blogs can be successful on the internet. The “ingredients” they mention consist of Goals, Talents, Commitment, Communication,etc are vital and must be the same for everyone contributing to the blog. Without these elements the blog might not succeed on the web and it will lose followers are people will not bother to see the content because the blog is too unorganized. For example, the blog, Bleacher Report, consists of many sports writers that write and contribute to many sports that are being played all over the country from football to cricket. These writers have a common goal, which is for readers to be informed about breaking news in sports and having different articles that relate to readers’ favorite sports teams. The writers do not go off topic or contradict each other’s articles on the blog because if they did, it would leave reader’s confused. I believe that Bleacher Report follows these 7 ingredients mentioned in the article, which proves why they are so successful. Personally, because of Bleacher Report’s content, I look at their site more than I look at ESPN.


  1. I like how you used the Rutgers Admissions blog as an example. You made the articles and collaborative blogging relate-able to our class and allowed us to connect to this topic on a personal level. great job!

  2. Great post! You have done a nice job in covering all the salient points for the topics of collaborative blogging and guest blogging. Previous to learning about collaborative blogging, I had no idea how much work and cohesion between partners this type of blogging requires. However, it makes sense that complications and difficulties would arise as a result of the different personalities and opinions about the collaborative blog.

  3. Nice work! My favorite part of you post is the example you made out of our class. This was a great application of what we just read about, into not only your life, but the whole class as well. It’s cool to see we are applying in class we are reading about. Great response!

  4. I really enjoyed the “ingredients” part of what constitutes these collaborative blogs and I definitely agree with them as well. It makes sense to have some sort of “recipe” to follow in order to make the endeavor a successful one.

  5. I liked how you used the RU admission blog example. It is something we can all relate to. I agree with you that guest blogging is a great way to gain exposure and share your knowledge. We can all definitely learn from this article. Guest blogging brings in a new a fresh perspective on a topic, which in turn can increase readership.

  6. Your post is super easy to read and I liked that you quickly explained everything and summed up what our readings talked about. Your examples are really good as well; they do a good job of showing the difference between the two types of blogging as well as a few aspects of each; with guest blogging, like you said, you need permission and assistance. But with collaborative, you need cooperation so you don’t contradict someone else or repeat things.

  7. Great insight in to collaboarative blogging. It was nice to see our Rutgers Admission Blog assignment referred and tied in to your reading response. The Bleacher Report reference was a great example of group blogging, it is probably the ideal example of group blogging because they cover practically every sport and maintain their brand name under one banner.

  8. I thought you had some great insight to collaborative blogging. You explained everything very concisely and offered some great examples. I like the idea of guest blogging because it offers a new voice to the blog which I sometimes think is refreshing.

  9. Talking about the RU admissions blog was a good way to show the extent of guest blogging. It was a really good example to bring up since all of us will have to put a post up eventually. I also find that what you said about how your experience could be useful for some other person hoping to go for the same education path as you. I find that guest posts can give a blog a new perspective since it is by someone different who may not usually blog for a blog like the one they are appearing on. Your post really helped explain that with a really good example.

  10. I saw a couple people already say it but I liked how you used the Rutgers blog as an example. It made it very easy to relate to for everyone reading it. And the Bleacher Report was also a good example. I’m on Bleacher Report frequently enough to understand what a good collaborative blog looks and feels like

  11. Great job with your analysis of these two articles! It’s really interesting to think about how guest blogging and collaborative blogs go hand in hand. Who knew that there was so much potential for both good and bad things with both kinds of blogging. It’s definitely a great topic to be aware about and know how to do.

  12. I really liked how you used the example of the admissions blog to explain how it is important to have patience when reaching out to other bloggers.

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