Blogging Networks

I would definitely consider joining a blogging network if I had a well established blog that I wanted to be promoting. Blogging networks allow guest posters to contribute to the blog and website. The biggest advantage of joining is that you have the opportunity to show off your brand by belonging to an established network with a prestigious reputation. You are able to get exposure of your blog just by being a part of the network. Also, what I find appealing as well, is the fact that there are blog networks for almost anything you may be interested in. If you find one that interests you and feel as though your writing is ready to be put out there, you should definitely consider applying to a blogging network. I could imagine myself fitting into a network related to wedding or event planning. It would be a great way for me to show off my interest and experience with event planning. I would see myself contributing with ideas and photos of event ideas or inspiration. I think it would be a really great experience to grow as a writer and learn from other writers. Also, with the brand behind me, I would be getting a lot of exposure by being a part of the network. It would also be helpful that the blogging network would know how to do the business aspect of it. I think the bloggers within the network would support one another by collaborating their ideas with each other and sharing new information. The best way to become a better writer and blogger is by practicing and also learning from others. With the support from one another and the network, the blogging network will continue to advance and produce posts with ideas from all the members. Similar to the article, “7 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Collaborative Blog”, it is extremely important to work as a team in order to be successful. It is truly important for all members of the network to consistently communicate with each other. Also, it could be a really fun experience to work as a team and make the blog posts even better than if you were working alone.


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