Blogging Networks

If there was an opportunity to joining a blogging network, I believe that I would take that chance and join it. The reason being is because I would be able to connect the blog I currently operate now and be able to have it connect with other bloggers of the same field I am currently blogging about. It is something bigger than my blog and then I will be able to talk to the other bloggers a part of my network so we can share and collaborate our information with each other. By having these relationships with each other we are able to form bonds with other bloggers and therefore it is like one giant blog instead of a lonely blog that I would make by myself. Another impact that a blogging network that will help me will be the fact of more traffic coming to my blog. The more traffic equals the more people interested in what I have to say and also there will be more readers interacting with each other about different sports content. In a blogging network, many of the bloggers that are a part of the network will be able to promote each other’s blogs by posting a link to that certain person’s blog. Therefore, the amount of readers will expand over time at a fast paced rate. For myself, this would be a learning experience for being in my first blogging network, and will help me promote my blog to a bigger audience.

If my blog could fit in to any blogging network, it would definitely be a part of Brash. I love the way the website has different categories that it blogs about ranging from sports, entertainment, technology, and auto. Since, my blog consists of a wide range of major sports, I would be able to use my blog post on Brash’s website. I would still post about the different sporting news that is taking place in the different sports leagues today. It would not change but, my blog, will for sure become more noticeable and thus attracting more readers. I would also repost anything on Brash that I found interesting or promote anyone’s work on my blog.

Bloggers within the network can support each other in many ways. As I mentioned above, they can promote each other’s blog posts in their blog and send readers to view their blogs by posting a link to the blogger’s website. Another way for support would be able to communicate with each other to help them by showing the bloggers if they need more critique on the given blog. This will only enhance the blog’s features and therefore it becomes better than it does before. Another source of support will be the ability to guest post on each other’s blog to make it more diverse. This will allow a whole new audience coming to your blog, which means more people will be reading your blog.


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