Blogging Network

I would definitely join a blogging network because it provides a wide range of networking opportunities. Along with this it provides a sense of community and both parties are sharing similar interests, which is fun. A network I could definitely see myself joining would be the “Lucky Style Collective.” This blog is composed of things to do with beauty, such as fashion, styles and new looks. This blog is perfect for me because for this class I actually have a beauty blog. I have always been into fashion and different styles and I get a lot of my ideas from blogs and sites just like this one! I have a lot of knowledge on this type of topic and so I definitely think my voice would fit in. Not only that, but I could bring underground styles and ideas to the table and with me doing that I think it would impress some of the readers, making me a successful fit for the network. When you have something new to bring to the table, you are more respected from the start and people begin to trust your advice more. For instance, I would make Stance Socks my first post since they are very underrated and many people have never heard of them before. I hope to help expose this style as much as possible. I think this type of blogging exhibits a great support system, one because you have many people who are able to back you up but at the same time teach you new things as well. Not only this but I would be able to direction some attention to my personal blog in order to help that grow as well.


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