Blog Networks

I would consider joining a blog network. Blogging networks are great for getting your own blog more attention and just giving you some credentials when it comes to blogging. You can also learn from other bloggers by being in a blog network and become a better blogger yourself. You are open to different styles and techniques and can apply things you learn to your own writing and blogging. You can also build relationships by joining a  blog network. You can meet other bloggers and share their blogs through your social networks and they could return the favor and do the same for you to help promote your blog. Through promotion like that, you can also build your blog’s SEO. So blog networks not only provide relationship building but also SEO building. I would definitely consider joining a blog network because there are a lot of benefits that help make you a better blogger and that help make your own personal blog more popular.

A blog network I could see myself fitting in would be the POPSUGAR blog we looked at in class. I can see myself writing for this blog and being apart of their blog network because they cover many topics that I am interested in, especially fitness. I can see myself being a collaborative fitness blogger for POPSUGAR. I could also see myself in this blog network because they allow guest bloggers to have direct links back to their own blogs. I really like that because not only do you get to guest blog for POPSUGAR and get your writing out on a popular blogging site, but you get to promote your own blog at the same time and really establish yourself as an experienced blogger. I also could see myself being apart of the POPSUGAR blogging network because it is has content more geared towards women. When I write/blog, it is easier for me to write to a women focused audience being that I am woman, so that is another reason I can see myself being apart of this network in particular.

The bloggers within the POPSUGAR blogging network can support each other by sharing each others’ posts. Each post has a share option at the bottom, so they can support one another in that way. They can also write positive comments on each others’ posts and promote one another through their own social links or on their own personal blogs. There are many options for these collaborative bloggers to help one another and get their content and sites out there and exposed!


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