Blog Networking

A blogging network is a group of blogs linked together under a common name.  There are many types of blogging networks.  Most prominent ones are about fashion and entertainment.  I would consider joining a blogging network when my blog is more established and I know it’s something I want to take more seriously and continue for a long time.  Also as we learned from class today, a blogger can generate revenue from the network. A little extra cash for writing about something you enjoy is a win-win situation.

Being part of a network blog is an advantage because it is a great way to gain exposure and readership.  In a blogging network, bloggers can help promote each other’s blogs.  Being part of a blogging network can also help with search engine optimization, making it easier for people to find your blog. Furthermore, bloggers can help each other become more credible by supporting each other’s posts. Just by being part of a well-known blogging network, you already have credibility and prestige.  Not everyone can be part of a blogging network; usually the network would choose the bloggers. To be chosen for a network, you would probably have to show that you produce quality content and is reliable and consistent.  If bloggers don’t agree with each other, they can also introduce counter arguments to demonstrate different perspectives. Also bloggers within in a blogging network can link to each other’s post, helping each other increase readership.  Over time, a blogger might run out of things to talk about or lose motivation. By being part of a group, where everyone is interested in the same topic, bloggers can aid each other by offering suggestions, asking questions, and providing ideas.  It is also very helpful to learn from experienced bloggers.

If I were to join a blogging network, I would join a healthy eating network or one that focuses on food product reviews. Food Bloggers Network is an example of a food blogging network would like to be part of.  Not only do they feature blogs, but they also give tips and advices to help food bloggers become better at their craft.  For example they have a post called, “5 Best Places for Food Bloggers to Get Stock Pictures”.  The site also has a category called conversations with food bloggers.  It is a Q and A type set up.  I find this site extremely helpful for improving my own blog.

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