Blog Network

Would you consider joining a blogging network? If you could imagine a network of blogs where your blog/voice might fit in, what would it be like? And how would the bloggers within that network support one another?

After reading, “Introduction to Blog Networks,” I learned that blog networks are basically clusters of blogs that are “linked together under a common name or a banner.” I would seriously consider joining a blogging network simply due to the many positive aspects of joining such a network. A banner blog or blog network can allow an individual to establish relationships, obtain traffic for their own blog, and simply write because the parent blog would handle all the administrative aspects of running a blog network. For example, Popsugar is a blog network that covers topics such as celebrity news, fashion, beauty, and fitness and the parent blog handles advertisements, and administrative duties so all that the blogger must do is write. In addition, the blog links to personal blogs, which would help to direct traffic to an individual’s blog. Other blogs may not do this. For instance, Nowmanifest is another fashion blog which simply includes posts from different authors. Thus, many join blog networks for the revenue, prestige, and SEO aspects of blogging within a larger network. Some simply join to learn to blog at a professional level so that they can learn the skills they would need to maintain their own venture. All in all, bloggers gain vital exposure when they join blogging networks. Although many prestigious blog networks have a selection process that requires writers to apply and produce high quality, consistent content some blogs are open to everyone. For all these reasons, I would definitely consider joining a blog network.

I would likely consider joining a science blog network because my personal blog deals with a lot of topics on science. Moreover, when trying to come up with ideas for new posts for my own personal blogs I often frequent larger blog networks that cover relevant topics in science. The Scientific American Blog Network is one such example of a blog that I often visit. Bloggers within the network would best support one another by providing examples of professionally written blogs that produce high quality content. This serves as a learning experience for some of the newer bloggers who would gradually learn to produce similar works of quality. In addition, bloggers within a network could support one another by visiting each other’s blogs and providing feed back on personal blogs. This will direct traffic to an individual’s personal blog and allow bloggers to interact with readers. In short, it is an excellent idea to join a blog network.

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