What is Social Media?

Social media is media that consists of websites and phone applications that people can use to network and connect socially with other people. Are blogs a form of social media? I would say yes! Blogs are on the internet and allow people to network and connect socially. Blogs allow the networking and connection through the comments people are allowed to make on blog posts. If a blog does not have comment capabilities then I would say it is not a form of social media. If people cannot interact with the blog through commenting and offering opinions, then it is not a form of social media. If blogs do contain commenting features and allow people to interact with the blog, then it is a form of social media. People can post all types of content on blogs and have others respond and comment, thus creating social networking and connecting. I think blogs are also connected to social media because blogs use social media to promote their posts. I write for the HerCampus – Rutgers club, it’s an online blog for college students that gives advice and news. The way we promote our posts is through social media. We have a Facebook account and a Twitter account which we use to give our readers notifications of when the newest posts are up. This helps get our blog more hits. So blogs are not just a form of social media. Blogs also use social media to even further their own social networking and connecting. Some blogs will even contain social links right on their page. I think when blogs contain their own social networks, that also makes them a form of social media. If blogs use social media sites to have people connect with their blogs, they are using social networking to create social networking and connecting on their own blogs. Blogs are clearly a form of social media in more ways then one!


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