6th Annotated bib

Hess, Amanda. “Is Twitter Fair Game For Journalist?” 19 March. 2014.<http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2014/03/twitter_journalism_private_lives_public_speech_how_reporters_can_ethically.html>


In class we talked about journalism and blogging, this article is similar to that discussion. In sense that reporting anything online can be news, whether it is through a blog or a news site the voices and text are heard and seen by anyone who has internet access. The article talks about how christine fox found a article about sexual harassment and tweeted the story out on twitter. She said, ” I wonder what she had on to entice him”, this statement cause a huge controversy, it went viral with hate comments. This shows us that our opinions, and what we put online can effect others whether it is true or not. Anything that we put on the internet is public for everyone to see, someone can quote what you said in a news article and it can cause a huge problem. We have t regulate what we want to say or else it can lead to many issues.

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