Annotated Bib

Green, Stephanie. “Writing and Illustrating.” Writing and Illustrating. N.p., 22 Oct. 2013. Web. 05 Apr. 2014. <;

Stephanie Green describes the many ways that blogging can make you a better writer. She claims that even being a mild blogger can help, as opposed to being a full time blogger who dedicates a large portion of their day to blogging. She starts off by stating that the schedule of posting, whether frequent or infrequent helps hone writing skills. She also states that blog help writers who write frequently in their daily lives, for example people who write fictional stories. Blogs can be used to elaborate the fictive backgrounds of those characters. It can also be used to link readers to your books and books can be used to link people to your blogs, therefore increasing your readership and encouraging further reading. She claims that the feature of plug ins help writers to be more competitive with themselves. For example, a blog site tells you how many words you have written. So writers can set and achieve goals such as reaching 3,000 words every two weeks and so forth. Blogs also have plug ins that identify what words you are using frequently, therefore making it clear whether you are being repetitive or not. She concludes by claiming that readers are the most important part of a writers goals and that blogs serve as a platform for any reader to access your content. They are also able to interact with you on a personal level by commenting on posts and contacting you through your blog. This makes writers aware how the public is responding to their work and how they may need to adjust their work to be successful in gaining readers.

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