Annotated Bib

Blank, Dan. “4 Ways Blogging Will Make You a Better Writer.” DIY MFA. N.p., 9 Apr. 2013. Web. 05 Apr. 2014. <;

The author of this article is a writing teacher so he comes from a credible background as he asserts his opinion on blogging and how it is beneficial to writers and writing. The first thing he states is that blogging helps force the author to publish their work rather than hesitating to let others read your work. Before blogging, writers and their works would be very distant from potential readers. The process of finding readers was an arduous task. He states that in writers workshops, writers are constantly revising and editing, afraid to publish or finalize their work. Blogging forces a writer to hit publish and make their work available to readers in a final form. He also states that blogging allows people to figure how they can be heard. By writing smaller and more frequent pieces that get more frequent feedback, writers learn what they need to say in order to get attention and feedback. This allows writers to identify and acknowledge readers in a very efficient manner. He also brings up how talking to other writers in workshops, bookstores, conferences, and classes has made him and his students better writers. Blogs take this aspect to a higher level by providing a platform that allows for anyone with the access to the internet the ability to communicate with writers. So the relationship between writers are expanded with the internet and allows for writers to help each other out through communicated their works and building relationships. He concludes by stating that blogging creates the habit of writing and that the frequency of writing that blogging forces one to write is the essential aspect of blogging in terms of assisting writers. The only way people get better at writing is by writing.

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