6th annotated bib

Walters, Mark. “How To Increase Traffic To Your Business’s Blog.” SEOmark. N.p.. Web. 4 Apr 2014. <http://www.seomark.co.uk/how-to-increase-traffic-to-your-blog/&gt;.

This web page gave a couple of strategies to increase traffic to a business blog.  Strategies include making your blog content SEO friendly, linking to other people’s blog, using social websites to make connections, commenting on other people’s blog, etc. This article is useful towards my research because it supports my argument of participating in other blogging communities to increase readership.  He states that bloggers like to help each other. Walter claims that the help that most bloggers strive for are backlinks.  In addition, the more you link to other people’s blog, the more traffic you’ll attract to your own.

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