What is Social Media?

Social media consists of anything website or host website on the Internet that uses it as a catalyst for promoting social interaction between individuals.  The most popular today are websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit; they allow the users to interact with people from all over the wold.  In my opinion, social media makes the world a much smaller place because not only are we able to express our own ideas, but others world-wide have the ability to join in on the conversations.

I definitely think blogging is a form of social media. Each blogger usually has a specific niche they’re writing about and by tagging are able to link their posts to a larger subject.  If a blogger likes what another blogger is posting about, they have the ability to follow each other and track new content that the fellow blogger is sharing.  And of course there is commenting! Like Facebook where you can comment on nearly anything if you’re friends with the person, the same goes for most host blog sites. If you follow someone, you can show support by commenting or liking a post that the blogger has created. This whole kind of interaction creates a virtual community which, I think, is the objective of social media as a whole.



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