What Is Social Media?

Social media are  places where individuals can freely curate content that they have interest in. Social media content can be many things, it can be as broad as fashion to as specific as the creator’s daily life. Furthermore, social media can be used for many purposes; it can be used for personal use as a hobby, to stay update to, or it can be used to inform others on a topic they have expertise in. It can also be used to voice one’s opinions on a topic.Blogs are interrelated with social media because they both serve a purpose of interacting. Blogs can be seen as a more public personal journal if desired. Creators can get information out that attracts the right people, anyone can see it can if they are interested they can subscribe or follow and spread the world. A blog can go viral like anything in social media, but it is hard to say when and how, the important thing is it has the potential to be. Blogs can also become a source of revenue for some people, blogging is becoming more and more popular. In today’s world everyone is online looking for content, a blog is unique because it can be opinionated, it does not have the restrictions of hard facts although some may have hard facts, but a blog goes a step further to voice their own opinions. Blogs can used to connect viewers, it gives readers a sense of connection and realness that a news site or report can not.


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