What is social media?

Social media is a platform where you can casually share information instantly with your friends or the public.  Examples of social media include Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  On social media, you can not only share information but also video, pictures, and music.  Furthermore, on social media users can interact with each other.  Users can do this by liking a status or picture. Other ways include leaving comments.  Social media can be used for multiple purposes, such as networking, informing the public, or just venting your opinion on a certain topic.  Some corporate companies use social media to increase business through advertisements.  Moreover, social media can be used for statistical purposes.  You can see what is trending or what most people are talking about during a specific period of time.  I believe blogs can be considered social media because it is also a vehicle for communication.  The blogger can share whatever information they wish and readers can leave comments and share information as well.  Furthermore, blogging is a great way to gain popularity and open new opportunities.

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