Startup: Book Binds and Dine the bookstore

Our business is a small bookstore that also caters to our customers’ interests in all aspects of culture–from wine and food to theater and music. In order to compete with Amazon, we will have many events for our customers to get them to come inside the shop. We will also emphasize the importance of supporting your local community’s businesses and authors. Examples of events will include wine tastings, movie screenings, book readings/local authors, taste testing of local food shops. Also we will participate in community service events like book/food drives.


  • creating event pages to promote cultural events at the store.
  • since many customers are probably older and not that familiar with more obscure social media, we will really focus on Facebook
  • polls to reach out to customers and determine what they would like to see more of at their book store


  • info on new releases
  • appealing to younger people to get the latest updates on what’s available at the bookstore
  • broke college student lending library–updates on what books are available at the store for students to borrow


  • book reviews/promote the best books
  • pictures of events
  • reposting other cool stuff to appeal to audience–motivationals, author news, etc.

Social Media Policy

Since we’re a small, community oriented business, we imagine that our retail-level employees already have some presence within the community outside of the business. While we encourage them to be smart and safe on the internet, we’re not too concerned with what our employees do on their personal social media accounts so long as they’re not doing or promoting anything illegal or misrepresenting our business in any shape or form. We will only interfere with our employees’ online activities if they somehow interfere with our normal business routine.

For those who are in charge of our social media presence, we require that they be respectful of the diverse backgrounds of our customers, not overly opinionated, maintain decorum, and adhere to the spirit of the bookstore.

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