Social Media

I think social media is a space in which people can interact via the internet in various ways. It is a way of interaction that doesn’t involve any sort of physicality and it can take place on a level of different mediums. I am not entirely sure if blogging is completely considered a form of social media. I could see why it would or wouldn’t be considered under those guidelines. For one, some bloggers don’t host to any sort of audience at all. Some are used more as personal journals or even blogs that are completely hidden from either families or friends in order to conserve privacy of thought. However, if you are putting something on the internet whether intended to reach an audience or not–the possibility is always there that you are reaching out in some form for someone’s eyes to happen upon it. You cannot truly control that. So in other cases, your blog might develop a viewership in which you may not even know or recognize any of the people reading the blog but you are still interacting–therefore I think it falls more towards the medium of social media. As soon as an interaction begins to take form or have shape, it becomes social as well. I think the parameters are so loose that as long as you are communicating on the internet, it becomes more and more grounds for social media.

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