Social Media

Social media is a means of interacting with others by creating, sharing or exchanging information with others in virtual web-based communities. There are many forms of social media in today’s society, and all sources serve to connect individuals around the globe. In fact, it is almost expected that individuals must be participating in at least one form of social media. For example, when two people meet for the first time, one of the first things they do in order to get to know one another better is to add each other on Facebook. Thus, it is assumed that almost everyone has a Facebook account, which is a widely-used source of social media.

However, there are many other forms of social media besides social networking sites. There exist collaborative projects such as Wikipedia, a web-site that allows anyone to edit and publish information on an online encyclopedia. Blogs and microblogs such as Twitter exist to share information with the public on a relatively large scale. Social news networking sites such as Digg and Leakernet contain user-generated information that connects readers and writers via similar interests in news. Content communities such as YouTube and Daily allow users to share and publish videos online. Social networking sites such as Facebook allow individuals to chat and get to know one another online. Virtual game-worlds such as World of Warcraft allow gamers to come together on an online gaming community. Lastly, virtual social worlds such as Sims allow individuals to recreate a fantasy world where they can interact with others as virtual individuals.

In short, social media has certainly taken a hold in today’s society, and continues to gain momentum as more and more individuals participate in one form of social media or another. Even if individuals refrain from actively participating in any social media, they have most likely inadvertently come across the various form of media. In the modern world, it is likely that nearly everyone has been exposed to Facebook, YouTube or Wikipedia at some point in their lives. Thus, the reach of social media is far and it is only a matter of time before the entire world begins to participate in this global network of communication. The internet has truly paved the way for globalization.

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