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22-BITS-popupIn her article, Jenna Wortham discusses the phenomenon of  “replay web”.  There is no set definition of replay Web, but Wortham describes it as the manner in which the internet is able to replay events/moments that have occurred at different times and with different significance and sometimes even with commentary. Replay Web allows people to relive moments and share their opinions and commentary with everyone else.  Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook along with blog sites such as Tumblr are the perfect go-to example when speaking about replay Web.  Whenever a big story breaks, you can definitely expect it to be covered on every one of those sites with different opinions and meanings to each user.

Throughout Twitter and Tumblr you will immediately find witty tweets, pictures, and memes of any big event that has occurred despite the time period it happened. A huge favorite of the replay Web has to be everyone’s obsession with the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. You can immediately find witty memes and commentary from people throughout the country and perhaps all over the world giving their input and poking fun at the significant amount of years in which DiCaprio has been nominated, but has never won. Another perfect example of replay Web is the social app called “Vine”. Vine has been around for almost a year and a half now and is still keeping up with the success amount that Instagram and Twitter has kept.  Within the Vine app users are able to record short six second looping videos onto their Vine account and connect their account with any other social network sites in order to allow more people to see it. Vine allows users to share any skits they have created, tricks, or anything else that comes to mind at any given moment with other people.  These social networks have been vital to the installment and creation of replay Web in society.  They give ease to being able to access prior events whether its social, political, personal, and etc.

Wortham continues to explaining how this phenomenon defines the direction in which society is headed in regards to digital media.  She says that our obsession with staying up to date with social media.  As a college student, it is extremely apparent to me that we are all glued to our cell phones and laptops.  The majority of students keep up to date with blogs, social media, and digital prints of magazines/newspapers in order to keep our daily lives moving along while still being in touch with whats going on and what everyone thinks about the big event that happened.  Many people enjoy reading op-ed pieces written by others and being able to agree or disagree with them through comments.  As Wortham stated in her article, “Perhaps the replay Web, by allowing us to constantly revisit and reconsider the recent past, can help us find new meaning in it. While we change its contours with new interpretations, visual signatures and instant analysis, there is always a new present to step into” by commenting and sharing our thoughts and ideas about virtually everything through the web we are constantly creating new ideas or adding onto already existing ideas.

In conclusion, it is really clear that replay Web is an interesting phenomenon that is utilized by people in order to spread their ideas and opinions with others about social, political, and worldwide events.


  1. I really like this idea of how we can create new ideas and new conversations just by going back. I never really considered it that way when reading about the re-play but its true. I think its important to be able to go back and look at these things in-progress as well as when its over with.

  2. I agree that we need to go back and look at the progression of news. The main objective of a lot of news reporting sites is to get the news out as quickly as possible, and as a result we never get a fully developed article. Sometimes I get the middle bits of reporting so I do always go back and try to find the beginning and string the bits of news together. I think this has both good and bad elements, but it definitely keeps the reader on the website longer.

  3. It is because of things like this that many can’t decide if social media is a good thing or not. Putting aside whether it is good or bad, we have to take into consideration that it is very informative. The likeliness of me finding out big news on a social media site before anywhere else is a very high percentage. Putting aside its negatives, it keeps everyone up to date much better then the news. Technology is the future and so the “replay web” was a great idea.

  4. Great job! Your post is well-written and adequately covers the main points of the article. I do agree that it’s important to sometimes look back to gain more information about certain pieces of news. This is especially important in today’s society because it seems consumer must sift through vast of data/ news and are therefore unable to appreciate some of the more newsworthy elements. Looking back can mitigate the affects of this desensitization to news.

  5. I think your post definitely covers all the main points and it sums up everything nicely. Your examples definitely show how Replay Web can be a good; I thought it was hilarious and really cool how on Tumblr “liveblogs” award shows. It’s really easy to get a lot of different opinions about an event and they’re authentic and in many cases, the very first thing that a person thought. This can be problematic however, especially on Tumblr when you get spoilers for a show or a popular movie. As with everything, there are pros and cons to Replay Web. I like how you bring up that by revisiting the past we can perhaps come up with improvements or new ideas.

  6. Awesome job! I liked how you mentioned Vine. Who knew how much time one can waste watching those creative six seconds videos! Also, I’m glad we live in a time when it is easy to replay old news. I remember watching old 9/11 clips on YouTube during my political class. The reporters were trying to give information to the public when the terrorist attacks were happening. You can see the confusion going on because they first thought the planes that hit the towers were bush planes!

  7. Your analysis of the article was completely on point! Replay web is such an interesting phenomenon but I happen to love it. I love Tumblr and think of my own personal one as sort of a digital diary that I can go back to and see what I was posting years ago and remember what I was going through, or realize how far I’ve come since then. Great job!

  8. Great post and it is very true that students and adults are glued to their computers, phones, and other electronic devices because of the replay web. The constant influx of information, status updates, blog updates, newsfeeds, and etc. have people on the edge of their seats staring at a screen to feed their “need” to get in touch with the sources that they are subscribed to. As grim as that sounds, there are benefits because at the end of the day, the replay web is a large part of our culture and can be utilized to start and expand businesses, organizations, and ideas.

  9. I never really thought about the whole replay web thing until reading this article. I found that your post really summarizes the article well and gives relevant examples that help flush out the argument presented in the reading. Considering the fact that like a lot of other people, I am really into tweets and status updates and reblogging gifs, this article really does hit close to home. Moreover, I like how you highlighted the argument as to how we are adding new meanings and ideas by the replay web phenomena.

  10. I really enjoyed reading your post because it summed up the article really well. Your response really helped me understand what was meant by replay web. I also agree that it is a great way to spread ideas and opinions.

  11. I think it’s an interesting point about how having recent moments documented makes us think about them differently. I have a friend that is constantly taking pictures for Facebook when we hang out. I definitely do think having a virtual photo album makes me think about our friendship in a certain way. I’m also more likely to talk about specific past events with her than anybody else.

  12. Great response to the article. I really enjoyed your response on the meaning of “replay web”. I love the examples of Facebook and twitter because that is how we use replay in our lives by talking about past events instead of future ones.

  13. Great analysis! Also, I thought your Leo example was a perfect example of replay web! That is definitely a trending topic and many people are giving their opinions on it! I know I want Leo to win an Oscar haha well done!

  14. Replay web is something that I basically live on. Reddit for the most part is replay web or people talking about something that happened in the past on the web. Were not out there breaking the news so we get to interepet it our own way when it comes across the replay web

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