Mike and Crysta’s Startup: Computer Repair

Our startup business is a quick computer repair affiliated with the University you attend. We would have a little room or stand at the university, but we could also come to your home or dorm to service your laptop for you.  Our target audience would be students and faculty who have issues with their laptops.  We would hope to promote on the university website, but we would also have our own Facebook page.  On this page we would give daily tips on how to care for your laptop. We also know that sometimes it’s uncomfortable to have someone come in and work on your system, so on our Facebook page we would write little blurbs about our technicians. They will update you on what they’re working on currently.

We would mostly utilize the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. On Youtube we would post How-To tutorials on how to make minor fixes to your laptop so you wouldn’t necessarily have to come in to get help.  We would link some of these to Twitter and on the Twitter page we would have both our Youtube channel and our Facebook affiliations. It’s important to our business to use these outlets because students are more likely to use the Internet than to pick up a flyer in the campus center.

Our Social Media Policy would be:

  • Act responsibly and ethically.
  •  Protect yourself: don’t share too much about your personal life.
  • Make sure people know that these are your opinions and that some people may have various opinions on how to handle similar issues.
  • At the same time, though, be personable!
  • Correct incorrect information on any social media sites in a timely manner.

Do Not:

  • Don’t release financial or operational information including strategies, etc.
  • Do not share legal information.
  • Don’t talk about something you’ve learned at work.

Looking for a highly motivated individual passionate about computer repair and technology. They must be savvy with multiple social media outlets and use them to generate traffic for the company as well as blog about new and upcoming products for the buyers. Knowledge of blogging and community outreach is a must.

We uses the job description from this website as a kind of model for our job description for the Social Media Manager position.


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