Annotated Bibliography 5

Rouhani can take steps to improve Iran press freedom” CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists. July 8 2013. Web. March 30 2014.

This article is quite interesting as it speculates on the differences that new President Rouhani, in Iran, may or may not make with concern to journalists in their country. For a very long time, journalists and bloggers have been prosecuted and destroyed for their writing and they are all extremely hopeful that Rouhani will actively bring about a change in that pattern. The biggest problem faced is that Rouhani may be President, but the judicial and governmental sides of Iran work separately and in the end it is Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who really has the final say, and all the power. Rouhani, after first elected, did admit that it was not his choice alone whether he would lift restrictions on already prosecuted figures. It seems like the first thing people are interested in, is either the release or better treatment of jailed journalists. After this, they would like the reinstatement of banned publications etc. Rouhani, being a man elected with the support of a lot of the rogue journalists that have fled Iran to escape the persecution of their kind, seems to owe these constituents something in the way of freedoms, but it doesn’t seem as though he intends to stand behind any of the processes of information freedom that he platformed on. While this article is a few months old, I now have a great direction for my next bibliography. Now that I know Rouhani has platformed for the rights of the people when it comes to sharing information, it will be interesting to see what, if any steps he has taken since then to right many of the countries previous wrongs. I have a strong feeling he hasn’t done much of anything, and I’m sure that this article has opened up a great direction for my final paper.

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