Annotated Bib 6

Gunelius, Susan. “Blog Advertising Overview.” Blogging., n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.

Since I state in my thesis that bloggers are able to generate money through blogging, most often by advertising, I found a site that lays out specifically how bloggers can be paid for this. If someone has a very popular blog, advertisers want their advertisements up on that blog so many people come across it. For example there is a method called “pay-per-click”, which means the blogger gets paid for every time their advertisement gets clicked on from the original bloggers page. This is one of the many methods that bloggers can get paid for, the website lists a bunch of ways of how advertising ties into bloggers making money, making this a perfect site for my paper. Basically the more attention the advertisement company gets, the more money the blogger makes. I will be using a few of these methods in my paper to help prove my thesis.

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