Annotated Bib 5

Cecilyk. “10 Years In Social Media, and Blogging Has Changed.” Babble RSS. Babble by Disney, 30 Mar. 2014. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.

This site that I found talks about how much better blogging has become because of social media. In my thesis I state how blogs gain exposure and how that usually happens through social media sites and this website backs me up on that. The author talks about the difference from a post she made about blogging in 2004 to the changes it has made up until now. Social media also made it more comfortable to post because they created more outlets for the readers. A quote that I will be using in my paper is, “They not only offered new options, they offered completely customized options that made it easy to pick and choose the content they liked and take it into their own (online) backyards to comment and curate as they saw fit” (Cecilyk). This was a great article to find and use in my paper to back up my statement about social media being blogging’s exposure.


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