Annotated Bib 5

Kadmar, Adi. “2013 in Review: CDA 230 and Recurring Threats to Strong Online Speech Protections | Electronic Frontier Foundation.” Electronic Frontier Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.

 This article highlights the issues in freedom of speech and the threats that Section 230 has been undergoing within the past year.  In 2013, 47 state attorneys appealed to Congress to amend Section 230 by adding an amendment for state criminal laws.  This amendment would shift the “power” and regulation of the internet to all 50 states government and would most likely cause contradictory practices on how each state is able to utilize the internet as a vehicle for free speech.  These rulings are very controversial because they focus mostly on explicit content containing minors; the government along with the Electronic Frontier Foundation are trying to find ways to tackle situations like these. Many believe that the content of Section 230 needs to be amended to take into consideration these kinds of federal offenses without having host sites claim “free speech.”

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