How Personal Style Bloggers Are Raking in Millions

Phelan, Hayley. “How personal style bloggers are raking in millions.” Fashionista. Disqus, 20 Apr 2013. Web. 21 Mar. 2014. <;.


This article is pretty much a direct answer to my thesis. This article discusses “Affiliate link programs” which are responsible for the high number of revenue bloggers, particularly fashion bloggers, are making off of their websites. Basically, affiliate link programs allow bloggers to make money off of the clothing they feature by making a commission off of any purchase from the same website, regardless of whether it is what the blogger wore or not. Specific affiliate link companies like RewardStyle estimate that their top bloggers rake in about $50,000 a month with their program. This article is great because it exposes the behind the scenes aspect of blogs, but also completely answers my question.

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