Critique of RU Admissions Blog

The RU Admissions blog has to be one of the best places for prospective Rutgers students to read blog posts about campus life, New Brunswick, academics, and Rutgers in general all written by Rutgers University students.  This blog allows people to get a little sense of what it feels like to be a Rutgers student by exposing the good and the bad that each individual RU student experiences in their time at the university.  Rutgers University is extremely big and it is comforting for prospective students, as I was just a year ago, to be able to see the distinct aspects of life at Rutgers. The RU admissions blog provides an insider look to many different parts of what being a Rutgers University student actually is. The layout of the RU Admissions blog is fitting to what the content is about.  It is not extremely overwhelming or overdone, in fact it is simple and easy to navigate. One of the biggest unneeded distractions on the blog happens to be the Tag Cloud.  The tag cloud is filled with a million different, sometimes unneeded, words that may take away or frustrate people who are visiting the site. Also, the tag cloud drags down the page and messes with the layout creating a bunch of empty space since only five posts are seen in every page.  The tag cloud should be organized in a better way and only necessary words that would help a reader easily navigate to what they’re looking for when visiting the blog.  A great part of the blog also happens to be the archive. The archive is done simply and categorized by topic which is really helpful for people who visit the blog and are looking for posts about a specific topic.  Personally, I think this topic section should be incorporated within the homepage of the blog somewhere on the side before the tag cloud.  If the tag cloud is minimized to only contain important tagged words, then then specific topic section would fit perfectly within the layout chosen for the blog.  By having the topic section on the homepage, it would create an easier method for readers to navigate the blog. Also, i’m not 100% sure if this is only on my computer, but when clicking on a post it takes a while to load the entire layout. In all, the Rutgers admission blog is very useful for any prospective Rutgers students and the entire idea behind the blog and the individuals experience at Rutgers will definitely grab the attention of high school seniors/transfer students and let the see what Rutgers is really about through the eyes of past/current RU students.

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