5th Annotated Bib

Crowther, Don. “The Benefits of Blogging – Hard Number Evidence.” WordPress. Web. 24 Mar. 2014. <http://doncrowther.com/social-media-strategy/bloggingbenefits>.

This article mentions some of the major benefits of blogging. Don Crowther writes that blogging is a very useful marketing tool and is one of the top three most effective ways to build a business. He mentions that factors essential to generating sales, such as trust, credibility, and referrals, are elements that come from blogging. He find three main reasons for the benefits of blogging by obtaining data from analytics SEO tracking programs.

Blogging gives search engines more content to index and consequently, more opportunities for you to be found. The data to back this up suggests that over the last 90 days, only 5.6% of people who came to one of my key sites from the search engines landed first on the homepage. Everyone else went first to another page. I’ve seen many sites where that number has been less than 1%!

The more blog posts you have, the more likely you are to have other people link to you, building your traffic through that link and your overall search engine rankings. The hard data supports this claim. When I look at the fresh (last 21 days) incoming links to my sites, the majority of those links go to pages other than the home page. In one case the percentage of links going to pages in my blog is 59.8%, 51% on a second, 63.7% on a third, and a whopping 85.2% on a third.

Blog posts help increase conversation. He refers to two sources in order to support this claim. Optins: Only 33.8% of my optins even saw a non-blog page before opting in. Sales: Only 67.4% of my sales included a non-blog page (other than cart pages) in their purchase path.

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