DiCioccio Paintings

It’s really interesting to look at the paintings of Lauren Dicioccio because they’re like looking at magazine layouts without being distracted by the text. You can see by colors and sizes how some parts of the layout are more important than others, which is done in magazines to draw the readers eye to the most important parts of the articles.

For example, each new paragraph has a large dot to signify the first letter of the first word, which is enlarged so that when you’re skimming the article it’s easier to tell where new ideas begin. Vanity Fair MAY08-pg 62 (Earthly Matters)
2008 is a good example of this. The largest dot is the very beginning of the piece. The purple dot on the right column seems slightly larger than the ones on the bottom, which are almost the exact same color. This is probably done to emphasize the text that begins in the right column. The cut-out box in the middle of the page is also eye catching because there is a large red dot in the middle of the first line of dots and the rest of the colors present are cool toned. This is probably where a magazine article would put a quote that has significance.

VanityFair MAY08:pg128 (such was the urge to engineer the weather) 2008 does something similar, except it utilizes three columns instead of two. The block quote in this piece is much longer than the one in the previous one, and it cuts through the middle of all three columns to show significance. There is only one enlarged dot present, and it shows in the middle column underneath the large quote. Obviously, this wasn’t done by accident; whoever designed the layout probably divided the page into three columns because the writer had longer paragraphs and they wanted to emphasize the break in ideas.

One painting in particular, which doesn’t seem to have a name, shows how images and captions can be used to balance a page with relatively little text. The image in question has two columns of text and each side has a small box of text: the bottom left and the upper right. On the right side, an image of drop earrings is placed underneath the caption.

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