RU ADMISSIONS BLOG CRITIQUE Jay Guo Crysta Sotirhos Shadman Mike

– The ability to communicate with the blogger through comments on their blog posts were actually pretty difficult. It may have been a browser incapability issue, but most of the class was unable to comment on the blog successfully.

– Categories would be a great addition to the blog. They would make browsing and identifying particular topics much easier.

– The layout was very textual based and so was a little mundane. Perhaps some more pictures?

– A textual preview of the blog would be helpful for the readers. Right now the set up is so the reader is given a title and requires to click more to access the whole blog. A little preview of the blog would give a hint to how the writer could go about writer.

– A trending blog that has received the most views and or votes would be nice to view at the outset.

– The same could be applied to bloggers, it would be nice to see top bloggers in order to see which blogger garnered the most views and votes.

– A more intriguing title that is more specific to the variety of posts

– It would also be great for better interaction between bloggers and readers if reader were able to make usernames through e-mail addresses. This would also give them the option to possibly be subscribed to the blog and be alerted to new posts.

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