Critique of RU Admissions Blog

The RU Admissions Blog is the official Rutgers blog where bloggers from all backgrounds can post information relevant to the school, as long as bloggers are granted permission to post. In order to publish a post, individuals must first run through an application process, which requires them to present a sample of their writing to blog managers. We believe this selective process is beneficial because it ensures that the blog posts are of sound quality and information is relevant to school. Another aspect of the blog we really liked was the fact that bloggers come from a diverse background and include students, non-traditional students, alumni, and even teachers. Such a diverse background of writers gives the blog a dynamic feature because it allows readers to appreciate the school from various different perspectives. We also liked the background of the blog home page. The static background is scarlet, signifying the color of the the school, and has images of various pieces related to student life (keys, pen, paper, phone, coffee, etc.). The tagging system is also great because it helps to organize and find relevant information quickly.

However, we also found that there were some negative qualities of the blog. After our class visited the home page, the blog crashed after five minutes. This led us to believe that the blog cannot handle more than 20 visitors at a time. This is a serious problem with the website, because it essentially limits the number of users who can visit the website, even though the blog is meant for the public. We also found that the blog pages and articles took a while to load. When I tried to open an article, it took over two minutes for all the content to appear. We also didn’t like the “more” feature at the end of the articles that would allow a user to read the complete article. It just seems unnecessary and takes up space on the blog page. That being said, we found the overall layout of the blog page to be cluttered. There are way too many links and tabs leading to different subjects on a single space. It would be far easier to navigate the blog site if a few categories were linked to subcategories on the web site. We also didn’t like the way the comments section was organized. There is no feature that would allow a user to save a comment before publishing. The user can easily lose his/ her information if the blog were to crash. We also didn’t like that the text within the blog was incompatible with Microsoft Word. If a post were written on Word and transferred to the site, the blog page would change the text formatting.


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