Annotated Bibliography 3

Sally. “Sallys Baking Addiction How I Turned My Food Blog into a Career. » Sallys Baking     Addiction.” Sallys Baking Addiction RSS. N.p., 12 Nov. 2013. Web. 09 Mar. 2014.

I found a post that a woman named sally had written about her career as a blogger. She explains that her blog requires much more work than just baking and it is not all sunshine and smiles. She lists six important duties she does in order to fulfill her job’s needs and to assure its successfulness. First, she explains that her number one priority is having a constant connection with the reader. She spends a lot of her time testing and retesting recipes to make sure they are absolutely perfect before posting. This also includes the importance of food styling and photography so that everything looks professional. She continues to explain the social marketing, writing, and responding to questions. Her overall post explains how much work goes into a blog career, but she also lists her expenses and how she makes money from the blog. The advice she gives is very helpful and shows how much she cares about her career. I also like how she explains how she was able to get to this point and be successful.


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