Annotated Bibliography 3

“Iran’s ‘blogfather’ sentenced to almost 20 years in prison” CNN World. September 29, 2010 Web. March. 2014.

The third article I’ve found in my search for information on the importance of struggle and perseverance in the lives of Iranian bloggers is one on the struggles and jailing of Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan. Among his list of convictions are “co-operation with hostile countries, spreading propaganda against the establishment, promoting counter-revolutionary groups, insulting Islamic thought and religious figures and managing obscene websites”. Narrowly escaping execution, Derakhshan was sentenced to an outrageous 19 and a half years in prison. The article titled Iran’s ‘blogfather’ sentenced to almost 20 year in prison, is a few years old, having been posted in September of 2010, but highlights the importance of International involvement in the suppression of basic human rights of thought and speech.  According to supporters of Derakhshan, his biggest offense was setting up a step by step guide for Iranians to follow in setting up blogs of their own. His initial arrest was made in 2008 and sentencing did not commence until 2010. This man sat in jail for 2 years before getting a trial. This is a ludicrous scenario evolved from one mans want to share his opinions with the world. This article fits quite nicely into my thesis of the need for bloggers in Iran to continue fighting for their freedoms. Without people like Hossein Derakhshan, whos cases are made public to this degree, we may, as citizens of other countries with less oppressive rule, not be aware of the slighted treatments the other people of the world are subjected to. His conditions and further appeals are something that I will certainly be looking into as I further my progress towards my thesis.

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