Annotated Bib 4

Brooks, Rich. “Maine Web Design & Development and Internet Marketing.” Flyte New Media. Flyte, n.d. Web. 10 Mar. 2014. <;.


This article talks about what kinds of things one can do in order to make your blog more profitable. There are actual ways to do this and in this article it points out and outlines 10 tips in order to do so. For example, 1. is “blog for your audience” and this goes on to explain the certain things you should blog about in order to interest your readers so that you keep them instead of them navigating away from your page. I will use this article to show that the blogging business is a difficult one and in order to start making money off of it, you must do certain things in the “blogging world” first to be successful. Most people do not know these things and that is why their blogs do not get the attention they hope for. Overall, it states the two most important tips are to blog for your audience and for your business. Basically these are a must in order to have a successfully profiting blog.


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