Admissions Blog Critique

Cons/Problems We Had

* Well it seems as though the site can only handle so much traffic at once. Regardless of the browser, our class can not all get on the site at once.

* Posting content is not very user-friendly. When uploading a picture, it takes up the entire screen and makes it hard to lay out a post and format what you want it to look like. Also, the post ends up not looking anything like what it did when you were formatting it.

* Certain users have had trouble posting comments, regardless of browser as well. It’s hard enough to get people to comment, so the function not working isn’t a good thing.

* There is a lack of categories on the site. Rather, there is an enormous tag cloud that makes it hard to find what you are looking for. Posts are not organized into appropriate categories.

* The site is very text heavy. You can only see the headline of a blog post before clicking on it and this does not entice readers to keep on reading.

* Would be nice to have a button to ask bloggers quick questions, or just any question at all. Otherwise, prospective and even current students are left with Facebook to answer their questions. This could be really helpful for students and a great way to make the blog more interactive.

* Blog posts have a long load time and often you can’t read the text because the background takes the longest to load and you are left trying to read gold content on a red background which is next to impossible.

Pros/Things We Like

* The theme of the blog is very appropriate for the content and matches nicely.

* Great range of content. You can pretty much find a blog post on anything you are looking for.


— By Roxy and Skylar

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