“Nude Media”

Uncreative writing is a very eye-opening article.  The article explains how when media files are stripped from its original context, it can lose its original meaning or significance.  I probably look at “nude media” everyday because common places where “nude media” is found include Tumblr and Pinterest.

Important contexts that make a media file original include font type and size.  In addition, the placement of a picture matters as well.  A beautiful example that Kenneth Goldsmith gave focuses on a New York Times article. The article transferred from a printed newspaper, to an online web page, to an email.  In the email version, you can see that that article clipping lost its entire original context.  It did not even include a picture.  Also, by simply deleting “This article from NYTimes.com”, the article will lose its original source.

In today’s world, it is easy to copy and paste texts and pictures.  Emailing an article to a friend and posting something on Facebook is just a click away.  In the article, Kennetth Goldsmith relates the transferring of media files to a game of telephone.  Over time, the original message will eventually get messed up.

Sometimes, when I see a picture of a delicious looking dish I want to recreate, I cannot find the original source for the recipe.  This is also very unfortunate for the original author as well because they get zero credit for their work.    However, this article further supports the importance of Creative Commons.  Using Creative Commons, the creator is allowed to share their work, while also putting certain restrictions.  For example, the creator can restrict users from manipulating the original piece of work.

Since I am a food blogger, I am not worried about my content being stripped from its original context.  However, I can understand why other bloggers might be worried.  For example, a picture with a positive caption underneath and be easily be manipulated into a picture with a negative message.  Although, I am not worried, I will still make use of Creative Commons and would like to receive credit for my own work. From now on, I will also make sure that I give credit to other people’s work  as well; for the content and pictures I use in my blog.

Moreover, “Uncreative Writing” can be related to Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings in a way.  Both can be used to support the importance a blog layout.  To make a blog layout look attractive and original, you should pay attention to the font used, the placement of pictures, background, and use of white space.


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