Lauren Dicioccio’s Paintings and Blogging

Lauren Dicioccio paintings can teach us a lot about blogging style and layouts.  When you first look at her paintings, you quickly recognize that it looks similar to pages from a magazine.  Instead of words on the page, she replaced them with dots of paint in various colors.  This can be related to any blog as well.  When a reader visits a blog for the first time, they do not read all the words on the page at once.  Their eyes will be drawn to the organization of the words, the color, and pictures.

In Dicioccio paintings, you will notice that some dots are larger than others.  Larger dots seem to catch your attention before the smaller dots on the page.  The locations of the bigger dots are at the top of the page, at the beginning of a paragraph, or to emphasize a quote.  These gigantic dots may represent the letters of a title.  This means that the readers’ attention will most likely be drawn to a large title at the top of the blog or post first.  Titles are very important for blogs.  Not only should a title be in bigger font and located at the top of the page, but also short, gives a little info about the post, and attention grabbing.

Another characteristic that I noticed from Dicioccio’s paintings is that the small dots are grouped into what the brain recognizes as rectangles.  When the brain recognizes shapes, it gives you a sense of organization instead of clutter. This concept of organization can be applied to a blog as well.  The sentences in a blog should be organized into paragraphs, making use of the white space.  Cluttering of words and random blurbs all over the page, can cause stress to the reader, make them feel overwhelmed, and ultimately lose their attention before they can even finish your post.

Furthermore, I realized that Dicioccio only used dots and many of the dots are uniformed in shape.  She never switched to squares or triangle.  This uniform of shapes can be applied to a blog. As read in the article, “10 Blog Layout Tips” it is important to stick with a limited number of fonts.  Too many different kinds of fonts can make the page look busy and distracting.

The colors that Dicioccio picked are very beautiful.  She uses a variety of colors, varying from dark to light.  Just like for a blog, it is good to have color.  Color can contribute to the overall theme of the blog.  In addition, as read in the article, “10 Blog Layout Tips”, color can be used to direct the reader’s attention to a certain part of the blog.  However, even though color can make a blog seem more attractive, having too much color can be distracting.  I prefer to only use a handful of colors for a blog layout, and pick colors that are neutral.

Overall, the attributes seen in Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings can be applied to a blog.  The content of the blog may be important, but having a well designed layout is just as vital.


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