Annotative Bibliography 2

Emerson, Melissa P. “Blogging to Build Your Business”. NY Times. 22 June 2012.

Businesses having blogs and other forms of social media directs traffic to make the business known to the public. The main goal is to make your brand marketable thus having a huge social media presence in cyber space. By having your blog, you are able to connect with your customers or first time buyers who are interested with your service or product. By being able to talk to them and write to them through commenting or podcasts, you are able to draw from ideas thus making your products or service consumer friendly. This will likely help your customers by more of your products or services because they had input with them. For example, one company had reported that in the beginning, they only had 1000 subscribers, now when they started to put their podcasts onto iTunes, it jumped to 300,000 followers. This is essential for small businesses to blog because then they are able to live and prosper in the marketplace.


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