What Can We Learn From Lauren Dicioccio’s Paintings?

Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings help us in our process of creating blogs by displaying possible blog layouts through her visual representation of bodies of text. Due to a lack of words, viewers of her paintings are forced to analyze her representation of text rather than any text itself. And in her representation of the text, she beautifully creates appealing displays through vibrant colors and different formats. The ambiguous and assumed text is represented through circular and multicolored dots. The dots are then organized in careful manners to create columns and rows. Different shaped dots also represent different areas of possible text. For example, for a representation of a title she may have large colored dots and while the body of the text are all the same smaller colored dots that are neatly arranged in columns. Then the columns may break for one row of medium colored dots, in order to highlight a possible important line that would literally be the center of attention. Through these mannerisms, she is able to create magnificent displays of possible bodies of text that can help us when creating web and blog layouts, in our efforts to create visually appealing pages.

Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings also put some light on another aspect of blogging. A simple layout can determine whether a reader is interested or disinterested from the start. Just the first glance can determine whether the reader is on an optimistic foot or a pessimistic mood. This first impression is important because it plays a role in the tone that your blog is trying to play. A very visually appealing layout can interest someone’s attention regardless of the content. We can see this through Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings because people are dwelling on the beauty of the simple layout, even though there is an absence of textual work and content. To further strengthen our blog’s messages, we can improve the layouts in more appealing manners to strengthen our blog’s tones. For example, if we compare Lauren Dicioccio’s depicted layouts to one that would represent a boring article online or in a newspaper we could see the impact that a layout can have. Before we even begin reading, Lauren Diociocci’s depicted text looks like a possible easy and fun read while the boring newspaper or article looks as though it is an extremely difficult, boring, and an arduous task that is almost a chore to read. When creating our blogs, our intentions are far from creating chores for our readers and that is when Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings come in to play. From Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings we can learn to create layouts that would encourage people to read our works. Following the patterns of her layouts will also extenuate the tones of our blogs by setting up a good first impression for the reader through his or her first glance, rather than creating boring impressions. We can also utilize Lauren Dicioccio’s usage of different fonts, columns, and rows in order to manipulate certain messages in our blogs to be emphasized more than others. Overall, Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings provide great road maps for possible layouts for our blogs.

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