Three Blogs Similar to Mine

Gizmodo is a blog that is similar to mine because the tone of the blog is one to leave you both fascinated and a bit more educated. A lot of the topics are also based on science, as mine will be (but all won’t be). Gizmodo is also one of the most active blog sites. They are constantly adding posts. A day in the world of gizmodo consists of dozens and dozens of posts. This is also an aspect that is similar to my blog, because both of our blogs have an unlimited content of knowledge that can be posted to fascinate and educate readers. Their layouts are more word based than picture based. Their titles usually look like sentences, and contain words that will catch people’s attention through bringing attention to technologically fancy and interesting topics.

TED is one of the fastest growing and popular youtube and netflix educational sensations of our time. Their videos consist of interesting people with interesting lives and interesting things to say. Through the video medium, TED captivated an audience. But their blog is just as great as their videos because you can browse and skim through topics in a much easier manner than videos. This blog is similar to mine because it also follows the tone of educating and fascinating. The layout of this blog is more picture based. This is due to their intent of creating an easy browsing process for the masses. Though my blog isn’t as picture based as this one, I share TEDs intent of educating with ease of access. The difference between our blogs is that my browse friendly set up is set up more through a more approachable language rather than a pictorial based layout.

This blog follows the same tone as my blog and the past two blogs in the sense of enlightening readers with facts. The difference between this blog and the other blogs is that this one is a bit more on the mundane side of reads. There are very little pictures and very little captivating words. The layout is very wordy and the font sizes are repetitive. It is almost a blog version of a newspaper. Regardless or the boring setup up, the blog is still very interesting because the topics brought up are scientific and current. So much like my blog, the topics are very relevant to the reader. The posts are frequent, but less than gizmodo. Overall, this blog is great due to its frequent output of scientific and educational information, but it could use a little bit more excitement.

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