Paintings Response

The paintings by Lauren Diciocco are a huge example of taking a creative piece from a magazine page or movie credits and making it art. She takes the words and she puts different colors on top of each word as she is trying to write or tell a story by using these colors. These colors must have a symbolic meaning attached to them as to why she had picked those colors to replace the words.  When it comes to blogging however, i tis up to the blogger to write a passage in their blog of anything that they would like to write or talk about and spread it to the world.

These paintings can give bloggers ideas that their blogs are a piece of white canvas and the words and pictures they put onto them are a work of art. Each blog post is art when we add words to the page. Lauren Diciocco is giving bloggers inspiration with her work. It does not matter whether each blog post is zero words or five hundred words. A blog can be no words by using media or pictures that you are trying to portray or spread to the public of the subject or message you are trying to display.

When you write the blog post, it is better for the writer to make sure that they are clear and precise of the story they are trying to tell. When you write on your blog, you want to be able to have meaning behind your words and possibly reasoning behind them as well. The reader must be able to understand what you have written or they will be lost and unsure of what you meant or try to mean in the blog post.

The only criticism of the paintings is the readability of the material. No one would ever want to read a blog that looks like the artwork of Diciocco because you cannot physically read them. Readability is a huge factor in a blog, because if the reader or you cannot read it then there is no point of put anything on your blog. No one would return to comment and read posts on your blog because they cannot read it.  She also teaches us tis that not all blogs have to be the same. That would be so boring if every blog on the internet was the same layout or the same subject. I believe that every blog should be different because that makes it so unique. Let the blog be in order with the visual quality so it is easy to read and write, but let it be different through the text inside the blog post. Lauren Diciocco gives bloggers new ideas through the use of her artwork and by using the white space on the page to have it balance graphically so it is appealing to the readers.


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